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2 Jan 2009
"Agent: Ricky Rubio Likely To Skip 2009 Draft"

According to Rubio’s agent, Germa’n González, “it is a real possibility” that the Spanish point guard will not declare for the upcoming 2009 NBA Draft.

The following is rough English translation, as González told to Marca, the Spanish nationwide daily sports newspaper:

“We do not want it to go like other players who have left very high in the Draft and soon they do not play. The Americans have become crazy to have players there as soon as possible. The decisions will be taken based on which the European market also provides.”

While González also said Rubio’s decision to remain in Europe is not final, Rubio’s € 6 million ($8.4 million USD) buyout could eventually cause him to stay. A complex renegotiation with DKV Joventut needs to occur in order to reduce the high costs (higher than even the salary of a no. 1 selection) of rescission.

Despite talks of being a Top 5 pick in June, worries about Rubio’s NBA-readiness will likely cause him to forgo the NBA for at least another year.
18 Dec 2008
A new, interesting, piece of information from Marbury regarding his future team.

" As rumored, Stephon Marbury attended Tuesday night's game between the Knicks and Lakers in Los Angeles, marking the first time that he's been in the same building as his "team" since Thanksgiving Eve.

Marbury admitted that he is willing to sit out the season, if need be, but also said that he's speaking to other teams.

"I'm not worried about that," Marbury said. "All I got to do is get free. Once I get free, the team I'm going to go to a lot of people will be shocked. All the people who say nobody wants me on their team, I'm all different things, a cancer, that's not what's going on."

Marbury has a place in L.A. and has decided to train out on the West Coast.

"I'm earning my check by doing nothing," Marbury said. "I'm enjoying it to the fullest. I can go in and out of the country when I want during the season. They'll make a decision when they're ready to make a decision. I'm getting healthy, adding two, three years to my career. This has been great for me, able to heal.

Много интересно... все пак ще трябва да почакаме, за да видим какво ще стане, и дали не говори празни приказки.
8 Dec 2008
Един мой приятел ме помоли да пусна тема за нещата, които продава, а те са следните:

Анцуг (горнище и долнище) - Philadelphia 76ers
Дължина (горнище - 84см. ; долнище - 116см.)
Ширина (горнище - 59см.)
ЦЕНА: 70 лева

Шорти - AND1
Дължина - 68см.
ЦЕНА: 20 лева

Потник - Georgetown (с две лица)
Дължина - 89см.
Ширина - 66см
ЦЕНА: 25 лева

Ако има желаещи пишете ми на ЛС и аз ще ви дам скайпа на човека.
27 Nov 2008
"Magic's Howard Leaning Against Slam Dunk Contest"

Magic big man Dwight Howard is considering skipping the defense of his dunk title at this years All-Star weekend, ESPN.com is reporting.

"There's a good saying, 'Quit while you're ahead,' " Howard said. "I thought I did a great job at the dunk contest last year. I think everybody liked it. I don't want to mess that up."

"I could top what I did last year in the dunk contest; I do have a lot of ideas. I'm still hoping to do it but Superman and that whole weekend . . . It opened up so many doors in my life, and it showed my personality for people who didn't know Dwight Howard."
14 Nov 2008
Смятам, че тази тема може да е интересна на някой хора.

Allen Iverson

Richard Jefferson

Matt Barnes

Josh Smith

J.R. Smith

Andre Brown

Carlos Boozer

Jason Williams

Jordan Farmar

Mike Bibby

Cherokee Parks

Brian Grant

Brian Grant

Damon Stoudamire

A Diehard Lakers Fan

Amare Stoudemire

Chauncey Billups
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