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> Viewing members profile information

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Това е темата, която пожелахте да видите
To view a member's profile, you can click on their name from nearly anywhere in the board.  If you'd like to view  your own profile, you can click on your name in the Login bar underneath the board's header.

In the main profile view, there are two semi-static areas, then a tabbed area in the middle.

Personal Information
This area, to the left, contains a variety of the user's profile information.  This includes the personal photo (if they have uploaded one), the user's rating, a variety of options (such as finding their posts), the user's personal statement, along with some more details about the individual, such as their age, gender, and location.  Further down the left, you'll see their statistics and post count, along with their personal messenger information.

In the center of the profile are a series of tabs.  Here, you can find their recent posts, a listing of their comments, and a listing of their friends (you can view the friend's profile information by clicking on their name).  Also, if the board has the Invision Power Gallery or Blog components installed, you will see two additional tabs.  The Gallery tab will show the last six uploaded images, while the Blog tab will show the last five blog entries.

To the far right, you'll be able to see who recently visited the person's profile, any recent comments left, and a listing of the users recent friends.

Adding Comments
You are able to leave comments about other users.  When you bring up their profile, on the far right you will notice a section of recent comments.  If you click on the "Add a Comment" button, you will then be able to leave a comment.

Moderating Comments
If a rude or otherwise offensive comment is left to you by another member, you can delete the comment in two ways.

First, you can click on the "Comments" tab, scroll to their comment, place a check in the box, then choose "Delete Selected Comments" from the dropdown list at the bottom.  Secondly, you can click on the small "X" button next to the users comment in the Recent Comments area.

You can also approve and un-approve comments in a similar method.  Unapproved comments will not be displayed, while approved comments are displayed to the public.  Instead of choosing "Delete Selected Comments", choose Approve or Un-Approve selected comments.

Rating a User
The profile supports a user rating system.  This will let other users rate down users that cause problems, or value the rating of good users.  To edit the rating, bring up the member's profile, then click on the stars to choose the rating.

Editing Your Profile Settings
When viewing your own profile while logged in, you'll see an additional tab in the middle called "Settings".  Choosing this tab, you'll see some more information to help edit the settings for your profile.  Here, you can upload a personal photo (like you would any other attachment) or choose to remove it.  If the remove box is checked, the photo will be removed when you click on Save Settings.  Also, you edit your personal statement.  This is very similar to your signature, but is tied directly into your profile rather than to your posts.  A little bit further down, you can choose how you'd like to be notified of people adding you as a friend or leaving comments.  You can choose not to be notified, or notify by email or Personal Message (PM).  At the bottom, you can choose to approve comments before they're posted to your profile, and also choose to approve a user adding you as a friend.

On the left hand side of the profile screen, you can edit your personal information.  You can set your gender, birth date, location, and also edit your Personal Messenger information.
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